Global Warming Notes
by Adrian Vance
Everything you need to know about the greatest myth of our time.
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The Atmosphere   In a Nutshell Author CV
Absorption Spectra Science of
Global Warming
A $25 Proof
UN Claims
 We're Doomed!
Dr. Hal Lewis Letter State of Fear Review
Eugenics Deja Vu? Real Alternative Energy
All About CO2
Pentagon's Climate Collapse The Great
Hydrogen Scam
The Ethanol
Earth's Carbon Correlations?
IPCC Survey Cold Hard Facts
New Champion?
Scientists Speak
Sun Output News
The Hansen Exp.
Scientist Sees
The Light
Cold Fusion 
Science Blunder
Le Chatelier and
global warming

Man Made Global Warming, Nyet 650 Scientists
Kick UN Report
Consensus Not CO2 Mirror Climate Change
Is Natural
Global Warming
400 Scientist Deniers
The Hansen File Atmospherics Dr. Michael Mann's Letter to the U.S. Congress